River's Edge Spa and Wellness Center 1143 SR 532 suite A/B, Camano Island, WA 98282


Wellness Center About Us



Hello, my name is Katie and owner of River’s Edge Spa and Wellness. I am the Esthetician here at River’s Edge. I’ll tell you a little about myself and how River’s Edge came about... 

I have been licensed in the beauty industry for many years – and up to 2009, my focus was hair design. In 2009, I resumed my education in Aesthetics and graduated as an Esthetician. 

I started River’s Edge Spa in a rented space located inside an upscale salon and spa known as Per Dona. The owner’s, Shannon and Julie created a beautiful, friendly environment with some of the best stylist you can find. 

It was an honor to be able to provide my services in such a professional environment.

Per Dona is  located on First Ave in the historic portion of Mount Vernon, right next to the Skagit River - lined with walkways, lamppost, benches and unique sculptures. The quaint, peaceful feel of the waterfront inspired the name of River’s Edge Spa.

In 2018, my family relocated to Camano Island and soon after, I moved my business to its current location, along the highway leading onto the Island.

 I have always loved Camano. For years, the view from my window, was looking out across the bay from my mainland home, to the very point of Camano Island. 

Having been a business owner of several businesses in the past – I wanted to create a space that allowed other practitioner’s the opportunity to showcase their skills in a co-operative manner. We would all be independent of the other, yet work in harmony together to form a skillful, peaceful, welcoming environment. And that is what we have accomplished.

Everyone that walks through our doors, expresses how “good” they feel when they come inside. They say, “There’s just something refreshing” about our place. 

It’s not often in life where one can say that they’ve captured the dream they envisioned - becoming reality, yet here, at River’s Edge Spa and Wellness, it has. 

Here – you can have a massage from one of our two highly skilled Massage Therapist – find relief and comfort from our Reflexologist – enhance your overall well-being and health from our Naturopathic Physician – or improve the overall appearance and health of your skin from my own Aesthetic services.

Come on in and be greeted with a smile and a cup of herbal tea. We all look forward to seeing you there.